Churches Together in Redditch are once again hosting a 24 hour prayer vigil staring on 26th May at 7pm until 27th May 7pm.
1/2 hour slots are available for you to sign up and pray.  We will end the event at 6pm with a final hour of reflecting on what God has been saying together on ZOOM.

If you are willing and able to participate and cover one of the 24 hours slots, please send an email to

Prayer points

Just as there is a negative power in cursing others, so also there is positive power in blessing others.
In the Bible, “Blessing” is something God does for us, but He also gives us authority to speak
blessing: Luke 10 v 5 & 6 (Jesus speaking to the disciples); “When you enter a house, first say, ‘Peace
to this house.’ If someone who promotes peace is there, your peace will rest on them; if not, it will
return to you.
You might like to speak blessing over your neighbours, the town and local businesses. If you are
bold, you could try one of these:

  • Stand at a window with your arms raised while you speak blessing.
  • If you are musical (or alone!) you could try singing The Blessing over the town
    ( for lyrics and an instrumental track)
  •  You could pray silently whilst listening to the UK Blessing (
    echoing the words in your heart [If you haven’t watched this, do. It caused the Prime
    Minister to write a thank-you note to Tim Hughes]
  • Revival in our churches
  • Revival in our land
  • Praise that the UK Blessing video has been viewed over 2.4 million times, showing church
  • Clergy, pastors and other Christian leaders for protection from harm, and for wisdom and
  • Praise God that over 3 million have turned to prayer (from Tearfund survey)
  • Pray for Thy Kingdom Come initiative 10 days of prayer and care from Ascension to
    Pentecost and for many to come to Christ
  • Changes to church after the lockdown – welcoming for any who have accessed church online
    (a Tearfund Survey suggests that up to about 24 % of the population are accessing church
    services online, instead of 5-7 % in-person attendance pre-lockdown, and many are in the
    18-34 age group
  • The poor, the lonely and those struggling with mental or physical illness
  • Those suffering and recovering from Covid 19, NHS staff and carers, as well as the scientists
    That deaths from the Covid-19 virus would dwindle and cease worldwide
  • National leaders (regardless of party), that they would work hard on behalf of the people,
    and do their work in all honesty and good faith.
  • The Queen and royal family
  • Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • The Alex hospital and staff
  • David Ryan and Hospital chaplaincy team at the Alex
  • Local GPs and surgeries (ideally by name)
  • Local Dental surgeries
  • Local schools, staff and pupils
  • Redditch Borough Council
  • Local Councillors (regardless of party)
  • Police and Community Support Officers
  • Businesses in Redditch, large and small
  • Churches in and around Redditch
  • Rachel Maclean our MP
  • Praise God for the Support Redditch Emergency Network coordinated by Cllr Mike Rouse
    with over 130 volunteers